Our first flight …..

What a Great Experience!

This weekend, I wanted to make a big surprise for Kaan. I have a colleague, Bob Dilk, he has been flying for almost 30 years. Bob is also flight instructor at Moristown airport. We agreed to meet him at Morristown airport at 10 am on Saturday morning. I told Kaan that we are going to fly and he was going to have chance at piloting a real airplane. You cannot imagine how excited and happy he was! Flying is Kaan’s greatest passion. He loves flying in all shapes an forms, with his model planes, and with actual gliders as well.

We flew in a Cessna 172. Kaan and Bob sat in the front and I was in the back. Bob gave us headsets and trained us about heath and safety. Than he gave me the map and told me that I needed show us the directions. I was kind of nervous, I told him I could mess it up J Regardless, he already knew all the directions and never asked for them. After we settled down in the airplane, we waited for other planes to land. Finally, we were ready for take off. Bob started the engine, and the plane started to move. We taxied to the runway, and Bob announced our departure. It was my first time; I had never before flown in a small airplane. After we gained enough altitude, Bob gave Kaan the controls, and Kaan was the pilot in command. We flew all over Morristown, Dollywood , and Dandridge. It was a great sunny day with great views.

We were in the air for more than one hour, it was incredible and lots of fun!

After we landed, Kaan started to ask Bob for when we could fly next. We are hoping to fly at least once a month, and have already ordered Kaan’s flying log book 🙂

While we were flying over Dandridge, Bob showed us a nice restaurant in the marina, which is called Angelo’s . After we were done with flying, we headed to Dandridge, It is a nice small historic town .We walked around and took some nice photos. We went to Angelo’s and had lunch. We ordered fried calamari, crap dip, and white pizza. They were all delicious. I definitely recommend Angelo’s, It is near the lake and they have tables outside. From our table we had a great view of the lake, sun, birds flying overhead. I felt like we were on vacation.