June is here! 

We had a very busy week after our Charleston vacation! I am glad week started from Tuesday 💕😊….

Atila and we went to YMCA 2 days, Atila moved the toddler class and was so happy to play with different toys…

Kaan was traveling to Texas and he was working very hard lately until midnight!

Yesterday we had a great tennis match , we lost but with a great scores…Huri and I had lots of fun.. 

finally it is already Friday evening I am at city nails for a pedicure Yay!!

This weekend if te weather permits we will be going to sailing with Kaan’s new toy 💕… yes he bought a brand new ⛵️ sailboat and very excited about it… Sunday we have kid birthday party to join and I will be flying to Düsseldorf for a business 😊💕

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