Oak Ridge, TN

We had a really good weekend. We went to Oak Ridge, TN. It was our fist time and we loved it. Great view with mountains and Melton Lake. We met with Tom and Sara. Tom promised to us for fishing. We took his fishing Boat and headed to the Melton Lake. It was Kaan’s first experience with fly fishing and driving a boat, and he did really good :)) We were not lucky for the fishing but we had lots of fun. Also Olive and Ivy was with us and they were adorable! Sara was at home with Dizzy. When we came home, we were starving and Olive has already slept. When we were out Sara had already prepared dinner. She is a great cook, we ate stuffed peppers, avocados, and fresh baked real cookies :)) She taught me how to make really cookies, but I do not think I can make it, too much butter :))


Driving back was not fun, it took more than 2 hours, even after drinking 2 cupsĀ  of caffe, Kaan has stop near Greenville for more cafe. Finally we came home safely and went directly to bed, we can sleep all day tomorrow it is Sunday :))

Good night


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