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Mudanya: The wedding town

The wedding will take place in a beautiful coastal setting, in a town call Mudanya. About half an from Bursa by car, and roughly 1.5 hours away from Istanbul, it offers a marine setting without the rush of the big city.

Mudanya is a little town with many preserved historical small mansions. Mudanya also has a historical significance as it was the host to the signing of the cease fire to the Turkish Independance War again western powers. The house where the ceasefire was signed has been renovated into a museum and accepts visitors.

Mudanya is along the souther Marmara coast and is close to many other historical coastal towns. One of these is Trilya. Trilya presents the perfect harmony between green and blue as it is a largly undeveloped historical town. It is famous for its olive gardens, fish eateries, and historical churches. A short trip along the coastal road from Mudanya is all thay is trwuired to get there.

Reference (Turkish): http://www.mudanya.gen.tr


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