Our New Home Houston, Texas…

We made our big move again, this time from Kingsport, Tennessee to Houston, Texas! It was a big change for us after 7 years living in Tri Cities. Houston was and always is a big city for us…i would never imagine to move Houston during our Christmas vacation here back in 2016. I remember telling Kaan, we saw Houston, we wont come back again.. we need to see other parts of the states πŸ˜‰

We are here almost 7 months and after all i can tell we like Houston. We sometimes miss our simple and outdoorsy life in Tennessee but it was time to new adventures!!

If you are wondering, What do we like about Houston, here is a short list for you;

1-It is abig city but never overwhelming

2-Nice food and grocery

3-Very diverse

4-No winter πŸ˜‰

5-Club Westside- Tennis +daycare

6-People are nice

7- Direct flight to Turkey and lots of other places

8-Hill County, Austin, San Antonio

9-Lots of social events and activities ( MS150/5Ks/ concerts / festivals)

What we don’t like about Houston

1-It is very very hot and humid in summer

2-It is not a cute city, no spirit πŸ˜‰

3-Flooding and rain can be a big deal

4- Traffic

5-No mountains ;(

5- Expensive compare to Tennessee every thing almost 3X more! Day care, home, property taxes are almost 6 times more ;(

Overall We like Houston and enjoying this chapter of our life!!


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